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Francovich Distillers is a family company whose roots are distilling!
Francovich Holiday Nog
If you are looking for a high quality Holiday Nog... then Francovich Holiday Nog is right for you!
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Welcome to Francovich Distillers

Francovich Distillers proudly bears the weight of five generations and over one hundred years of distilling experience. We are a Reno based family distillery traditionally blending the best ingredients to create the most exquisite products for you. The Francovich family has stirred the finest bourbon, rye whiskey and sweet vermouth with bespoke measures of bitters and maraschino cherries in the spirit of kinship and lofty aspiration. We offer it to you here, a cocktail experience without peer, a towering achievement in the distilling arts.  We also offer Francovich Holiday Nog which is a “spirited” fresh nog unlike anything else on the market. It is available throughout the Holidays. “Start A Tradition!”

Francovich Manhattan

Francovich Distiller's Manhattan CocktailFrancovich Distillers’ descendants Sam and Mike have made a business of blending and mixing these ingredients, under strict control for the past 12 years, to create a Manhattan that cannot be duplicated or matched. Many have tried, but we believe – and know that you will agree – this ready-to-drink cocktail is smooth, with just the right amount of edge to make this beverage one of superior quality and luxury. Made in micro-batches in our Reno distillery, we                                                                  hope you enjoy it as we do.

Francovich Holiday Nog

Francovich Holiday NogFrancovich Holiday Nog is a “spirited” fresh Nog unlike anything else on the market. Five generations in the past, our family created this recipe as a giveaway at their bar and restaurant business in Reno, and we have continued the tradition. We make it in the same way that our ancestors did. We mix fresh whole milk with cream, egg yolk, sugar, imported spices and just the right amount of fine spirits to create a fabulous beverage. It is completely                                                          free of artificial colorings or preservatives.

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