Francovich Holiday Nog Family Tradition

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Francovich Holiday Nog Family Tradition

Five generations in the past, the Francovich family created this recipe as a give-a-way at their bar and restaurant business in Reno. It’s made in the same traditional way as in the past using fresh whole milk with cream, egg yolk, sugar, imported spices and just the right amount of fine spirits to create a fabulous beverage.

It is completely free of artificial coloring’s or preservatives. It is a lovely light color, speckled with spice flakes and has a delicate aroma that reminds you that it is the holiday season. Its texture is unlike other eggnog’s that tend to be thick; it is as light as milk.

Because it is made with all fresh and natural ingredients, Francovich Holiday Nog requires refrigeration at all times. The Refrigerated Shelf Life is 5 to 7 weeks, however, most have found that once opened, it is consumed right away because of its natural good taste. Individuals who have not enjoyed the thicker, custard-like eggnog in the past, find they love this nog.

Great-great grandfather Francovich started the family tradition, serving Francovich Holiday Nog during the holidays and giving it away as gifts. Look no further for that great gift idea or special cordial for your favorite holiday parties. The packaging is exquisite; a clear glass bottle featuring a beautiful label front picturing the creator, and a festive shrink-wrap seal.

Don’t have time to wrap this great gift? The new, attractive, see-through Nog Tote saves you wrapping time and allows the label and hang-tag to show through, reminding the receiver of the fresh and wholesome quality of their gift and the requirement for refrigeration.

KOLO Channel 8 News article from 12/23/2009.

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This article was written by Sam Francovich


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